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The history of Sepsis shows that there aren't many bands whose need of getting better and better, enthusiasm, obstinacy and love to metal music have resulted - through fulfilling their passion - in achieving their intended musical aim. Finally, the time came to share the band's music with the worldwide audience. Although the real activity of Sepsis started in 2005, in years 1992-1999 the band began and created in the climate of widely understood progressive death metal. At that time demos such as 'The Town Of Death' (1992), 'Subjugate The Chaos' (1995) saw daylight. The band performed on several occasions and received excellent reviews, but the realities of Polish music industry were far from ideal. The band didn't like this situation and in relation with that recording a demo 'Promo'99' (1999) which distanced Sepsis from their previous material, was their last attempt at striking at Polish market and also a new direction chosen by the band. The upcoming changes required suspending the band's activity and perfecting their instrumental craft as well as searching for a new vocalist, and above all, the producer. The undertaken action aimed at realizing the band's original artistic vision and recording a professional album which would meet the requirements of the world music industry. In 2005 Sepsis was reactivated due to earlier essential changes and undertaking a co-operation with the manager who gave the band professional support and financial resources for realizing their musical intentions. In the meantime, the band performed on several occasions with old members and finally established co-operation with a new vocalist, which was the last stage of preparations to record a professional album. The band finally recorded the material for their first official album in Hertz Studio, under the supervision of the producers (Wieslawski brothers). With its originality and a fresh intellectual look at metal music it will be a big stir on the world music market, as the musicians and the producers assure, and also a breakthrough in the band's career. The album 'Fear of Freedom' will be released in June 2013! Recently the band have participated in Krzak Experience project with legendary musicians from the band KRZAK what resulted in recording the Krzak Experience album which was released on 11.03.2013 by Metal Mind Productions.
The band's lineup is:
1. Robert Niemiec (vocals)
2. Rafał Cioroń (drums)
3. Dominik Durlik (guit.)
4. Piotr Wierzba (bass)