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 Fear of Freedom - the album cover! 

We are proud to present you with a front cover of the Sepsis album Fear of Freedom. We will give you more info about the label and date of release soon. Be patient.

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 Mastering is done! 

The mastering of material for the first official album has been done. In connection with that we want to present you a new track Fear of Freedom which you can listen to on our site at myspace. Feel free to listen and post comments.

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 Mix is finished! 

Sepsis have come back from the studio in Bialystok where the material was mixed for the official album. Soon the mastering will be done and because of that we have a surprise for our fans - you will be able to check out one of tracks on our myspace site and share your comments with us, so wait patiently.

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 Material will be mixed! 

The whole material will be mixed by Wieslawski brothers from Hertz Studio. Soon you will hear a fresh new material of Sepsis. Wait patiently!

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 New vocalist is giving his all... 

We are running at full steam to finish the recording session at Hertz Studio as soon as possible. Wait for the album because you haven't heard Sepsis like that before!.

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 Report of the recording session at Hertz Studio in Bialystok! 

Sepsis have finished the I stage of material recording in Hertz Studio where parts of drums, bass and guitars have been recorded. Feel free to watch photos from the recording session.

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 Preparations to album production in progress! 

It's only few month till Sepsis register the first official album. Thanks for your emails which stimulate and fill us with energy the result of which you'll hear soon!

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 Photos from a concert 

You're welcome to check out our concert photos.

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Sepsis will perform at the 'Youth days of Sosnowiec'.
More information here.

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 Title of the official album - 'Fear of Freedom' 

The works on the material for the first album are coming to an end. We know that the album will be entitled 'Fear of Freedom'.

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